Gator Aid


We're always working on developing the Aisle-a-Gator, the CROC, and everything else here to build a better quality and more durable product for you!

  • We have redesigned the Gator’s base and frame. It is now made from all metal, has a built in tool tray, and an improved hose wrap and holder. This design offers a more stable, durable, and attractive unit.

  • Replacement 24V or 36V motors can be ordered from us via e-mail. Part no. AIM24V3SB

  • Replacement cartridge filters are available from Sears, part no. 17804, or can be ordered from us via e-mail.

  • We’ve added an elastic band to the filter bags for a more secure fit. Replacement filter bags can be ordered by e-mailing us.

  • A 2 piece curved wand, a 54" straight wand, and a 10" x 1 1/2" hose can be ordered from us via e-mail.

  • If you have an older model Aisle-A-Gator be sure to check out the brand new add-on, the C.R.O.C. System! The system is designed to make short work of tough messes by adding water (or other mild cleaners) and light agitation with the vacuum!

  • A prototype hepa-filter add-on is also in the works, if you have an interest in that feel free to e-mail us.

  • If you'd like to have your existing vacuum head refurbished, please e-mail us for more information.

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