Aisle-A-Gator industrial cordless wet/dry vacuum cleaner

Gator 3 (24V, 36V, or 48V)


The Gator 3 is a heavy duty, industrial, cordless vacuum intended to be paired with an electric forklift or power pallet jack. It is available as a 24, 36, or 48 volts DC unit.

The deck is manufactured entirely from metal for rugged durability and is powder-coated for a longer lasting product. The deck boasts a number of features, such as a built in tool tray, a handle that doubles as a support for the drum, a hose wrap, hooks to hold the wands, and convenient drain holes in the deck to allow for draining of liquids.

The drum is made from polycarbonate, which means it is 100% rustproof, as well as being translucent - allowing the user to see how full the drum is and when it should be emptied. The vacuum head is attached to the drum with spring locks, creating a perfect seal, while allowing for a plastic liner to be used (we recommend a 3mm or thicker clear liner).

The vacuum head features a stainless steel ring to hold the plastic bag in place, which doubles as a stand when the vacuum head is removed from the drum. Within the vacuum head are two powerful 3-stage vacuum motors to provide optimum suction. To keep the motors functioning efficiently, there are two filters (one paper and one cloth) on the underside of the head. The cloth filter can be washed and re-used and the paper filter can be wiped off and re-used.  If you need a replacement filter check out the Gator Aid page for more information.

The Gator-3 also comes with an array of accessories and attachments for any situation.  There is a ten-foot hose to allow for extended reach, a 1-piece straight wand, a 2-piece curved wand, a claw attachment, a crevice tool, a squeegee tool, and a brush tool, all of which are waterproof and will not rust.


  • 30-gallon polycarbonate drum with drain spigot - No heavy lifting

  • Dual 3-stage vacuum motors (for maximum pick-up)

  • Wet-Dry pick-up stainless steel manifold/filter holder

  • Dual replaceable filters- cartridge type wet/dry, cloth prefilter- dry only

  • A 48″ long x 32″ wide steel cart with skid runners and hose wrap on handle with room for CROC add-on or additional drum for bulky litter

  • 10′ long 1.5″ diameter industrial hose with 2-piece 5′ wand; 1(one) 5′ straight wand; 1(one) crevice tool; 1(one) liquid squeegee pick-up tool; 1(one) floor brush; 1(one) deep reach tool – includes tool tray


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