Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can use the Gator-3 or C.R.O.C.?

Anyone! Both the Gator-3 and the C.R.O.C. are designed to be used by only one person! Operating either unit is intuitive and comfortable.


I have an old Aisle-A-Gator Unit. Can I still have it repaired?

While, we do occasionally repair older units depending on what needs fixed, we strongly encourage looking into getting a new unit because we’ve made incredible improvements in the past few years and the new Gator-3 unit is better than ever!


Do you still sell the old Aisle-A-Gators? The blue ones?

We have done away with the older blue Aisle-A-Gators and now offer the new Gator-3 Unit (the green one) and the C.R.O.C. optional addition.


Where can the Gator-3/C.R.O.C. be used?

The Gator-3 and C.R.O.C. are designed primarily for use in warehouses and they work beautifully in them since the Gator-3 and C.R.O.C. work with a forklifts or pallet-jacks. The Gator-3 delivers a powerful vacuum system to warehouses and the C.R.O.C. provides liquid to get things cleaned up not only quickly, but also very well – it won’t leave a trace of what was there. The Gator-3 and C.R.O.C. can even get in between shelving and racks so that no mess is left uncleaned. In a warehouse the Gator-3 and C.R.O.C. can’t be beat!

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