Croc (Voltage Options)


The Croc is an add-on for the Gator-3. The unit is made up of a 30 gallon drum (just like the Gator-3) and 95 PSI liquid pump. It is used in combination with the Gator-3 to spray water on the floor and immediately vacuum it up in order to contain and clean an area. It is particularly useful for greasy or sticky messes, such as oil, peanut butter. It can also be used with a solution to sanitize an area.



  • 30 gallon polycarbonate drum (translucent to allow visibility inside)

  • 95 PSI internal pump

  • No separate batteries – works via jumper with the Gator Unit and your forklift or pallet jack

  • Durable construction using brass & stainless steel to eliminate rust & corrosion

  • 10 foot hose for plenty of reach

  • Built in spigot for convenient draining

  • Double sided swiveling wand with a squeegee side and a brush side


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