Are you looking for a cordless industrial dry / wet vacuum cleaner with a 30-gallon capacity for your business?

Aisle-A-Gator Ind. Mfg. Inc., located in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, manufactures the Aisle-A-Gator™, a revolutionary battery-powered dry / wet vacuum cleaner. The unique design of the Aisle-A-Gator allows the vacuum to be powered with the battery on your existing forklift or pallet truck, eliminating the need for trailer cords. This wireless design allows complete mobility to clean any hard-to-reach place and keeps walkways or traffic lanes clutter-free. Many large industries are now utilizing the Aisle-A-Gator as a supplemental cleaning tool, including grocery distribution centers, manufacturing companies, food processors, and warehousing and retail stores.


Have a tough mess to clean up?

Check out the brand new C.R.O.C. System designed to work with the Gator-3!


SPECIAL FEATURES of the G-3 model:

Operates Up To 14 Hours per Charge

New Polydrum will never rust and you can see how full it is

Drain Spigot Avoids Heavy Lifting of Liquids

Exhaust Port Blower

Includes a 10″ x 1 1/2″ Diameter Industrial Hose with a 2 piece 5′ Curved Wand

Includes Tool Tray, Floor Brush, Deep-Reach Tool, Liquid Squeegee Pickup, and Hose-Wrap on the Handle


Special Adapter Connects to Forklift Battery

Dual 2 3Stage Vacuum Motors for Maximum Pickup

Stainless Steel Manifold and Filter Holder


Powder Coated Cart & Vac. Head For Maximum Durability

Sits on 48″x32″ Steel Cart Allowing Room for Additional Containers



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